TapeTrack TapeMaster

img Welcome to the future of tape management

TapeTrack TapeMaster is both the administrative console and source of all tape management information. Not only can you point and click, but you can drag and drop for the complete Windows desktop experience.


  • See your entire library without having to run reports.
  • Instantly know the health of your tape library with TapeTrack's LibraryHealth feature.
  • Completely automate the movement of tapes from one location to another using TapeTrack's Simple Management feature.
  • Drag and drop tapes from one location to another.
  • See the complete movement and update history of every tape.
  • Multi-timezone support that shows you the time of each event in both your local time and the time of the updater.
  • Always know your Disaster Recovery position with TapeTrack's DR Strategies feature.
  • Know when your tapes are overdue at their off-site location.
  • Interface with Iron Mountain's SecureSync to automatically send requests and perform complete daily reconciliations.
  • Virtual and physical slotting allows you to map assigned tape slots to a schema that better represents your physical tape library.



  • Windows XP (or above)
  • 1GB of RAM
  • 10MB of additional storage
  • Minimal Internet Connection