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TapeTrack is based on the five pillars of tape management:

  • Asset Management: know what you've got.
  • Chain of Custody: know where its been.
  • Library Management: know where it should go.
  • Disaster Recovery: know where you stand.
  • Quality Control: know it is done right.

TapeTrack is a cross platform tape management solution that gives you complete control over all your tape library assets.

Actively developed by tape management experts since 1998, TapeTrack is used by over 4,000 companies around the world to manage many millions of critical backup tapes.

Our customers include banks, insurance companies, telephone companies, airlines, defense, and government.

TapeTrack is scalable, extendable and completely compatible with the Open Data Protection API Specification.

As an IBM Business Partner, our software is developed to run natively on IBM's z/OS, IBMi and AIX.

Our friendly support experts are available 24/7 to help you with any tape backup challenges that come your way.