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TapeTrack Products
  • Simple to install and easy to maintain.
  • Cost effective and efficient.
  • Designed and supported by people who know what you need.
  • Stable, reliable and secure.
  • Scalability to grow with your business.
  • Open Data Protection API compatible.
  • Runs on mainframes, UNIX and Windows.
  • Over 50 canned reports.

TapeTrack Lite is a Windows Wizard that takes users with small numbers of tapes through the process of sending tapes off-site and scanning them back in when they return.
TapeTrack TapeMaster is both the administrative console and source of all tape management information. Not only can you cut and paste, but you can drag and drop for the complete Windows desktop experience.
TapeTrack Checkpoint is designed for the tape librarians. It displays an online list of what tapes need to be selected and put away. It can even audibly read out the locations as the tapes are scanned with a barcode scanner.
TapeTrack Framework Server is a background task that functions as a hub for tape management information. It securely and reliably services requests and ensures that all tape management data is consistent and accurate.

TapeTrack Sync integrates with your tape management system to automatically calculate what tapes need to be sent off-site and what tapes need to come back. If you run CommVault or NetBackup, you can avoid the added expense of VaultTracker or NetBackup Vault.