TapeTrack Sync

img Bring all of your tape libraries together in one place.

TapeTrack Sync integrates with your tape management system to automatically calculate what tapes need to be sent off-site and what tapes need to come back.

Completely manage off-site rotations for CommVault and NetBackup without the added expense of VaultTracker or NetBackup Vault.

Supported Systems:
  • CA-1, TLMS, RMM, Control-M, Zara
  • HSC
  • BRMS
  • Tivoli Storage Manager, CommVault, Networker, Time Navigator, NetVault, NetBackup, BackupExec, SyncSort, Microsoft Data Protection Manager, and HP Data Protector.


  • Native cross-platform support.
  • Removes the need for expensive backup add-on components.
  • Supports highly complex tape rotations.
  • Interface with your off-site vendor.



  • Windows XP (or above)
  • 1GB of RAM
  • 10MB of additional storage
  • Minimal Internet Connection