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  • ´╗┐TapeTrack works with your backup software to send the right tapes on and off-site.
  • ´╗┐Integrates with your backup software and your off-site vendor to keep TapeTrack up to date on every tape.
  • Your off-site vendor will be automatically contacted by ´╗┐TapeTrack to inform them of what tapes they'll be getting and what tapes you need back.
  • TapeTrack uses the power of integration to find and correct mistakes.

TapeTrack integrates with your system no matter what operating system, backup solution, or off-site vendor you use. It runs natively on mainframes, UNIX, Linux, and Windows, so you'll never have to FTP files to a supported system or rely on complex middleware.

TapeTrack even integrates with Windows to display your entire media library as if it was a folder on your computer so there's no need to visit a website or even run dedicated software.